Customer Satisfaction Policy

       Our company has constantly regarded customer satisfaction as a target. It is our main business target to detect what our customers expect from our company and services by always following the changes in customer values and behaviours systematically, and fulfil these expectations unconditionally.


We commit to our customers, employees and other shareholders of our company in accordance with the conditions of our Customer Satisfaction Management System and regard as a mission to share with the public that:

·         Our customers can communicate their complaints, demands and suggestions to our Company easily and free of charge,

We ensure 100% customer satisfaction by offering them service with the most correct methods and '0' defect, and we provide correct service the first time before formation of complaint.

·         We deal with the complaints reported to our company transparently, objectively, fairly and confidentially,

·         We provide our services by putting ourselves into our customers' shoes and through empathetic approach,

·         Our employees are in the base of customer satisfaction, and we carry out the required corrective and preventive actions in order to prevent reoccurrence of the same complaint,

·         We provide innovative solutions for customer requirements by following technology closely,

·         We have the fastest reaction time in services we offer our customers,

·         We provide solutions, which are in compliance with legal conditions, laws and regulations, attached to the traditions of the Elginkan Community and within the scope of the principle “Together for Years”  for complaints.

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