EMAR is an organization affiliated with the ELGİNKAN COMMUNITY, which has been serving the industry for 60 years, regards the 'quality' concept as the initial principle for all its activities, and has broken the grounds in many business sectors.

EMAR provides After Sale Service for products, which are produced and/or sold by our intra Community companies, carries out training activities across the country and contributes to the satisfaction of training requirements of our people.

Emar carries out its activities through the central organization in İstanbul having 4 departments, 3 Regional Service Offices in İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir, Antalya Representation Office, and authorized services affiliated with them across the country, and provides service for products manufactured/imported/exported by Valf, Valfsel, Matel, Emas, Odöksan, Elba, Elmor, Eleks and Ar companies of the Community.

Our authorized services have a service agreement with our companies affiliated with the Elginkan Community, and provide service according to branch for products manufactured/sold by extra Community corporations. These branches are as follows:


· Domestic appliances (solid waste, natural gas and bottled gas stoves, geyser, water heater etc.)

· Floor heating and central heating boilers

· Solar Energy systems

· Armature (Mix and standard group faucets, taps, all kinds of valves, flushing mechanisms etc.)

· Serel (vitrified, built-in reservoir etc.)

· Acrylic Bathtub (Edge and flat acrylic bathtubs, cabin systems)

· Bath Cabinet

· Air Conditioner

· Central Boilers, Boilers and Burners

· Corporate Customer Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Undertaking Services


With the belief that service has no boundary;

· We provide 24 hours or service through our Authorized Services that have floor heating, central heating boiler and boiler specialities.

· We provide On-Duty Authorized Service in holidays in some of our major cities and districts.

· We offer 1-2-3 years of additional warranty service to our customers by means of plus warranty and warranty star applications.

· Through 444 0 322 (444 0 ECA) "Cell Centre", which can be reached from every corner of Turkey for 24 hours, we learn the problems of our consumers and solve them within the shortest time, and our consumers can reach the desired information without limitation of time.


Providing these services is included in the commitments of the management; and Emar also provides training in its training centres in İstanbul, Ankara, Bolu, Manisa and İzmit within the scope of training activities to its personnel, dealers, sales personnel and erecting engineers of its dealers, sales and marketing personnel of its sales companies, erecting engineers and authorized service personnel of services and dealers in export countries by receiving the support of its own trainer staff and external trainers.

Within the scope of the protocols with the Ministry of National Education, we provide installation and natural gas courses in Industrial and Building Vocational High Schools, Universities and Vocational High Schools and other civil society and public organizations, and establish sanitation system and/or natural gas workshop in places where we provide courses. Moreover, we provide seminars for contractors, architects, engineers and plumbers on various subjects in different cities and districts every year.

The basis of our talents in success in the service sector, which demands difference, is our employees and common codes of behaviour developed in order to support their work. Sense of belonging is the most important phenomenon among our employees.



Our company provides  mechanics, construction, electrical systems and installations maintenance - troubleshooting services  in country-wide business centres such as buildings, offices, branches etc. of various institutions and organizations (hotels, hospitals, business centres, officer's clubs, sites, factories, public buildings etc.) of our Corporate Customers which are outside the Elginkan Community (at 5000 service points in 10 banks and 3 chain stores). We provide solutions through our engineers and technical personnel in our central office located in İstanbul, and İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir Regional Offices and Antalya Representation Office, and authorized services providing service with 800 technicians at 260 locations country-wide.

      We are solution partners for Our Corporate Customers with the following services in the main branches of Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Modification and Undertaking:

          - Mechanical Systems (Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Clean and Waste Water Installations etc.)

          - Electronic Systems (Automation Systems)

          - Construction (Tiles, Paint, Gypsum Board, Furniture, Parquet, Glass, Locksmith etc.)

          - Electricity (Simple Electrical Faults and Maintenances)

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